Prather Ranch Meat Co.

From Farm to Market

Prather Ranch Meat Co. added quick fame and broader audience when they opened a San Francisco Ferry Building location. The loyal farmers market following found a new Certified Humane brick and mortar haunt for everyday meals. When offered a larger space across the hall and the opportunity to run an American Style Eatery, they jumped at the chance to fulfill even more of their vision. We jumped at the chance to help them realize their transition to a new space.

Of Note

The project included help positioning PRMC and its new American Eatery. They found themselves in a changing market, with a lot of new players touting their sustainable, naturally raised meats. No one in the market was going to the levels of care in animal welfare and commitment to sustaining small ranchers and farmers. It was important to tell this story in a pervasive, but understated way. Their principles remain unchanged from the day they launched. Every expansion they make is to help sustain, educate and support their family of ranches and farms.